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what to expect

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When should I schedule my session?
Depending on your type of photo shoot, there are ideal times for your photo session.

If you are pregnant and want maternity photos done, usually the best time during your pregnancy is between 25 and 32 weeks. During that time, mom usually has the best glow and beautiful baby bump without feeling too big and uncomfortable.

If you are scheduling a newborn shoot, the best time to do the session is when the baby is between 1-10 days old. This is usually when the baby is sleepiest and tends to be the most cooperative with posing. Don’t wait until your baby is born to schedule your session, though! It’s best to contact me as soon as you can so I can go ahead and put your due date on my calendar to ensure that I will have something open around that time frame for when baby does make his or her arrival.

For baby portraits, keep in mind that the baby’s mobility will play a factor in the posing capabilities for the photo. If you are booking a family photo shoot, make sure to work around the schedules of the children. Usually soon after a nap or rest and some sort of snack or meal time works best. Who isn’t happy and easy going when they are well rested and fed?

High school Senior shoots are generally taken during the summer before senior year, but can be taken at any time you’d like. If you are having them done to put in with your graduation announcements, however, make sure to schedule your shoot at least three months prior to your graduation date to ensure enough time to print and send out announcements.

If you would like to have holiday photos taken, the best time to schedule your session will be between October to mid-November. This is often a busy time in my schedule, and scheduling early enough will ensure that your gallery is ready in enough time to order your prints before the holiday season.

The day of your shoot
The day of your photo shoot, we will meet at a location of your preference at a predetermined time. I usually prefer to shoot around sunrise or sunset for outdoor sessions, as it’s the most ideal time for lighting. (Read on for questions about best locations for your photos.) This is when I will collect the session fee if it hasn’t already been paid. I will also briefly discuss with you what your desires are for the session and any posing preferences. I will also begin interacting with any children being photographed to allow them to become acquainted with me and my equipment so that they loosen up for the shoot. I strive to catch my subjects in a natural environment, and you may find that your photo session will feel more like a play date or social hour.

The length of your photo session will be entirely up to you (and more often than not, the children.) Typically, a photo session will last anywhere between one to three hours. However, if there are tired children involved, we can cut the session short. Or if things are going great and all parties are willing, we could end up shooting at several different locations and even running a bit long.

What to wear?
This is the most commonly asked question, and my answer is usually pretty straight forward: It’s up to you! If there will be several people in the photos, make sure that the outfit colors compliment each other nicely and do not clash. Color-coordinated or themed outfits often photograph nicely. If you are dressing for a maternity shoot, I usually suggest something comfortable, but nothing too loose since you will lose your figure completely if your outfit swallows you. A button down shirt can work nicely. I also have materials for wrapping and lovely, white maternity dresses for use during your session you if you would like that look as well. For a newborn shoot, I usually prefer to photograph them wearing nothing but their birthday suit. This is so that I can capture every little wrinkle and hair and detail, including their soft baby skin. More often than not, newborns do not fit into their clothing at that early age yet, either, so putting clothing on them can actually take away from the photo completely. I also have many props, hats, diaper covers, and specially made newborn “clothing” for use during your baby’s first photos.

You are more than welcome to bring a few outfits to your photo shoot if you are unsure, or just to change things up a bit!

The location of your photo session will again be your choice. (Are you noticing a trend here?) If you have a sentimental place or favorite family spot nearby where you’d like to have your photos taken, let me know, and I’m sure we can make it work. If you are having a hard time choosing from the limitless possibilities, send me an email and I can suggest a few places.

When will I get my photos?
The ordering process once your photo session is complete typically goes like this: usually around two weeks after your shoot, you will receive an email with a link to your gallery of photos. Once you receive that link, your photos will be available to view in a private, password protected gallery for around two weeks. In that time, you or any friends or family that you share your link with, will be able to place orders for prints. Once the two weeks is up, your gallery will expire. If you require additional time, please discuss it with me ahead of time. Once you place your order, depending on the size of the order, you will usually receive your photos within 7-10 business days. Discs and digital images are typically ready to be picked up within two or three business days.

other reminders.

Remember to bring drinks, and even snacks if you’d like. You’d be surprised how thirsty you will get just being a model for a few hours. Children are usually much more cooperative with an occasional drink and snack break, too.

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed here, please feel free to email me or call me.