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about me

My story.

Growing up, I was consistently exposed to new outings and adventures. We were always either out hiking or camping or just observing the beautiful nature around us. From early on, I loved to hold on to those memories in any way that I could. I asked my father for my first camera when I was around the age of eight. I was ecstatic when we finally went to pick one out and purchase it. From that point on, I have loved taking photos of the world around me. Then in December of 2006, my heart doubled in size and my passion for photography grew tenfold when my first daughter was born. As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, I realized how quickly moments pass. And here I am, four more children later (yes, that makes five!) and I find that one of my all time favorite pass times is to look through the beautiful images that I have captured of my precious babies. I love being able to give that to other families, as well!

Although memories can last a lifetime, photos are a great way to preserve and share those memories indefinitely.

My style.
I would describe my style as fun, modern, and fresh. I strive to take more than just photographs; my goal is to capture personalities, relationships, a feeling, a memory, a story. I love the opportunity to help others tell their story through my lens. A father who feels his baby kicking for the first time, a mother who sees and embraces her brand new baby for the first time, an infant teetering and tottering as he learns to use his chubby little set of legs, a child who still enjoys the simple things like watching a balloon drift up into the endless sky, a wife giving and receiving her last hug with her husband before he deploys, a couple enjoying their 50th anniversary in the same park where they wed. The stories go on and on. What is your story?

why me?

These days, you can run over to the mall or even some grocery stores, and get photos done right there while shopping for your food or picking up a new outfit. So why pay a little bit more for a professional photographer, and why me specifically? Well, I’ll just make a list for you. (I love lists… It’s only one list, though, don’t worry!)

Price & Time
You will get much more bang for your buck with a professional, private photographer. Most photo shoots in a chain will last about thirty minutes at most, and you will only be allowed a few different poses. And if you want more poses, you pay. If you choose to do a session with me, you will get a longer, much more relaxed photo shoot with dozens of poses (and lifestyle “non poses”) at no additional cost. I also spend much more time on my retouching, making sure that it fits your personal requests.

Your poses will be natural. We can always do a few of the sitting, studio style shots if that’s what you’d like, but I offer more of a lifestyle portrait, capturing candid poses rather than stiff, sitting shots.

Ease and Comfort
Choosing your own location, even to include your own home, makes your photo session with me much more comfortable and easy. And comfort and ease is what I truly believe helps my clients to feel more relaxed and natural, thus capturing personality better.

Not only will you get much higher quality prints from me, but you will also see a huge difference in quality with creative and visually appealing photos. I do my best to see every photo that I take as a piece of art. (I am a bit OCD particular when it comes to my work and attention to detail!)

Personal Touch (& retouch)
I deal with every single one of my clients directly before placing an order or printing. If you see a photo in your gallery that you’d like, but have an idea for a different coloring you’d like on it, or a different crop or retouching, I work with you and get it exactly how you want it before filling your order. Just as I have a vision as your photographer, you may have a vision for what you’d like hung in your stairway or wrapped up for the grandparents at Christmas. I make sure that what I deliver is exactly what you want. I also often end up building a relationship with my clients, making each shoot more personal, fresh, and fun!